by Evan Whittington

Cast (pics for all characters comming soon):

Dimitri Lev Leonine (Leo)

  • Male, White Lion

  • Hobbies: Hockey, Chess, Gambling, Math/Logic Puzzles

  • Leo is obviously the main character of the comic and my alter ego.  The comic follows his life and interests.



Matt Allin

  • Male, Coyote

  • Hobbies: Gambling, Chess

  • Matt is the poster boy for gamblers anonymous.  If there's a wager to be made, he'll be in on it.  Matt's father won the world series of poker in the mid 70's and changed the family name to "Allin".  Matt believes that by birthright he is a great poker player and wonders why he can't seem to get ahead.

  • Association to Leo: Point A Chess Club

  • credits:  Matt V (character concept..it is his character after all)

Mr. Nesbit

  • Hobbies: PC gaming, golf

  • The manager of Crappy Cables ISP helpdesk.

  • Association to Leo:  his boss

Mervin Poovey

  • Hobbies: Playin' games, watchin' movies, hangin' out

  • Where to begin with Mervin.  Mervin is lazy, unmotivated, unsophisticated and as you'll see, a thorn in just about everyone's side.

  • Association to Leo: Former Co-irker

Sabin Silverhare

  • Hobbies:

  • Sabin was a tech support agent with attitude and Crappy Cables resident BOFH.  Now against his wishes, he finds himself on the sales team.

  • Association to Leo: Co-worker

Tristan Spotstov

  • Male, Dalmation

  • Hobbies: Chess, Music

  • Tristan is a full time student and plays lead guitar in a local band and travels with the club playing in tournaments.

  • Association to Leo: Point A Chess Club

Bob Dogan

  • Male, Canid (mixed)

  • Hobbies: Sports, Chess, Poker

  • Bob is a bit of a workaholic.  He holds work as a freelance sports writer, international tournament director (chess) and accountant.

  • Association to Leo: Leo has played in several of Bob's earlier tournaments and Bob will occasionally appear at the Point A Chess Club

Sasha Savage

  • Female, White Tiger (yes, I know, she appears for the 1st time as a regular tiger)

  • Hobbies: Reading, Chess, Poker, Crochet

  • Sasha is one of the few female members of the chess club and is Leo's mate.

  • Association to Leo: Point A Chess Club

  • Credits: Christina W (character design)


Joe Starfish:

  • Starfish

  • Hobbies:  Being stupid

  • Joe is the name of all the starfish in the comic.  They are very dumb and get dumber seem to get dumber every day.

  • Association to Leo: customer (as well as random encounters in the comic)

  • Credits: All the guys at www.techcomedy.com.


Trisha :

  • Female, Vixen

  • Trish also works on Crappy Cables ISP helpdesk.  She shares Sabins cynical view of the world.

  • Association to Leo: Co-Worker


The Walkin' Phone:

  • Telephone

  • A very mischievous piece of electronics.  Not much is known about how The Walkin' Phone came to life, but there are rumors of a rouge lightning bolt and an idiot starfish that left his phone plugged in that day.

  • Credits:  The idiot customer that answered my question "What type of phone do you have?"  with "I got's a walkin phone

Neo the Foxtaur:

  • Male, 12 tail Kitsune Foxtaur

  • Hobbies:  playing pranks on the other characters (and customers)

  • A typical Kitsune fox, Neo is always the 1st to prank one of the other co-workers or customers and is also has the ability of creating fire (foxfire....pun intended).

  • x

  • x



  • Male, Black Wolf

  • Hobbies:  anything evil

  • Hired by Crappy Cable in their darkest hour for some unknown reason as a Continuity Consultant, Corvin stirs up plenty of trouble for the guys with his "special powers".

The sales weasel:

  • Male, Weasel

  • Sabin's (and the rest of tech support's) bane.  The sales weasel's will employ any trick in the book to sign up customers, then ship them over to tech support with unreasonable expectations.  Anything for a sale....


  • Male, dog/raccoon hybrid

  • Crappy Cable's first team lead which, unfortunately for him, squashed his ability to snooze on the job.


Prologue (Poker night at the Point A chess club)

The Point A Chess Club:

Point A is (or at least was) a real club.  It was everything you wouldn't expect a chess club to be and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  I considered an alternate name for the club in my comic, but I decided against it.  I want to pay tribute to something that was very special to me and I felt that changing the name would take something away.  The club met every sunday afternoon at a home in Carrboro, NC where we ran a 5 round tournament.  They had sports on the big screen in the corner, music from Rick's extensive (and I mean it) CD collection, beer in the fridge and 4 big dogs (note that all point a members exempting myself and Sasha are dogs) running around the house.  Exempting the dogs it was a sports pub atmosphere.  That was what made the club unique, but what made it special were the players.  They were some of the biggest smack talkers I had ever been around. Some of these guys would make a street corner basketball game look like Mr. Rodgers neighborhood.   In fact, for those fans of the Jim Rome show, Tobin from Chapel Hill is a charter member of the Point A Chess Club.






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