OK....this is going to requrie QUITE a bit of explaining for anyone who stumbles on this by accident. To begin with, this is my 1st adult themed art piece (and they will be few and far between). This piece is dedicated to one of the running gags from www.techcomedy.com. The phrase 'Zombie Goat Bukkake' (or just ZGB) was coined by a member of techcomedy.com long ago to describe the most revolting act in the history of anything ever.

The headstone on the right is dedicated to the person who coined the ZGB phrase. Ms. CB is short for Ms Crybaby, an enduser who constantly whined and complained about her PC and the network. The middle gravestone is dedicated to all the morons who called me when I worked on the helpdesk (Joe Starfish is the generic stupid customer from my comic). The right tombstone is the logo of my mock cable company from my comic strip and is dedicated to my now former employer. This tombstone was blank while I had begun coloring this piece (I worked on this off and on...well more off but anyway). I would like to thank them once again for sacking me....I am now working closer to home for more money and for better people.

Anyway....enjoy. I'm off to find the brain bleach.....

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